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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the los altos hills man who is accused of molesting a young boy his awls -- is also a volunteer for mountain view church youth program. in a quiet neighborhood, a child's sandbox is outside the home where a search warrant was served last week. the search came after a santa clara in man -- santa clara man in his 30s said he was abused from 1993 until 2000. >> the suspect admitted that he likes young boys and he finds them sexually attractive. >> reporter: they found child pornography inside the home and they arrested gregory helfrich on various counts of sexual assault charges. he pleaded not guilty. >> i would see him at the mailbox once in a while and he was always quiet.
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>> reporter: he was there neighbor for 20 years and he was described as strange. >> he never spoke to any of the neighbors. if we were talking at the mailbox, he would stay in his car until we left. then he would come out and pick up his mail. he was a little odd.>> reporter: the district attorney's office said that since 2012 that gregory helfrich has volunteered at a church to help with safari kids for second through fifth graders. >> we are concerned there are other victims. he does admit he likes young boys and he volunteers at a church in santa clara county. we don't know if he has access to young boys there and is alone with them.>> reporter: we reached out to his attorney and had -- and the church and we had yet to hear back. he is expected to be in court in june. a hazmat incident and had -- in san jose since
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seven people to the hospital. it happened at the indian health center this morning. hazmat teams responded to a report involving chemical leaks. five adults and two children were decontaminated and taken to the hospital. seven more felt better after getting air outside. the fire department described what it was like. >> it was a small amount that was apparently spilled and there was contact with the people inside. it created an order that people were complaining of smelling. >> reporter: what were the symptoms? >> general nausea and headaches.>> reporter: the ceo said about 1 ounce of the chemical, cresol , spilled into a drawer and was not noticed. when a staff member put on one of the contaminated masks, people were exposed to the
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chemical. launching a new effort to solve a deadly mother's day shooting from three years ago. they released a sketch of the shooter and posted a $10,000 reward for information leading to a reward. the victim was alberto silver of fremont. he tried to break up a fight between two groups of people that he did not know. at a lookout spot on grizzly peak boulevard. somebody involved in the fight came back later and shot santana while he was shoot -- sitting in a car. they hope that the sketch and the car will bring a closure to a painful three years. >> you have days when you are okay, but every little thing reminds you of them. when you want to call them and you know they are no longer there. it just hurts. especially to see my mom breakdown every day and still cry. >> reporter: uc berkeley police
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put the sketch together shortly after the killing and they did not release it until now thinking it would jeopardize the investigation.>> i hope and pray that they feel that this experience that they have had in this campaign has improved and in some way change their lives for the better.>> reporter: today, ohio governor john kasich said he is suspending his campaign for president. his decision comes 24 hours after senator ted cruz suspended his campaign. that of course clears the way for donald trump to become the republican nominee. ross palombo joins us now. >> reporter: 17 candidates in the beginning and donald trump has seen candidate after candidate fall. just a few hours ago, the last one, governor john kasich, dropped out.
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>> as i suspend my campaign today, thank you and god bless. >> reporter: then there was one. donald trump is the only nominee left standing. now call the presumptive nominee from the gop itself. it has already prompted former president bill clinton to slam trump's foreign-policy plan. >> i have nothing serious to say. >> reporter: joe biden even joking about trump's candidacy. >> it appears that path is closed. >> reporter: ted cruz ended his candidacy yesterday after losing in indiana. after a series of it -- up embarrassing campaign blunders including elbowing his own wife.>> i was surprised, but he did the right thing.>> reporter: today is day one of the campaign and hillary clinton is in his sights. >> we will beat hillary clinton because she is horrible on the economy. >> reporter: clinton is already firing back at trump.
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>> if he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990s and follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock me down and take the out of the political risk arena -- of the political arena, i'm more than happy to have him do that. >> reporter: attention has now turned to the democrats. it comes after bernie sanders was able to pull off another upset when over hillary clinton -- win over hillary clinton in indiana. >> we have won the 18th state that we have competed in. >> reporter: he is vowing to battle the front runner to the bitter end. >> now we moved to west virginia, kentucky and oregon. do you know what? we have an excellent chance to win all of those states.>> reporter: the clinton campaign is also clearly focused on the general election. if it were held today, a new poll says she would be donald trump by 13 points.
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there was another poll, as you well know, that show that trump would beat hillary clinton by two points. it is still way too early. there is a long time until november. it is too early to tell.>> does this put hillary clinton in a tough spot to campaign against bernie sanders and also prepare for the general election against donald trump?>> she is taking big attacks from donald trump and from bernie sanders. trump is echoing the sanders attacks. she is clearly at a disadvantage. a lot of people are talking about avp potential candidate for drunk -- a vice president potential candidate for donald trump? >> he will make the announcement at the convention. we have nark -- not heard a name announced yet. he needs to win and the belt
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states, particularly pennsylvania. if he does not win there, he cannot win in the general.>> could you see him nominate a woman for vice president to take on hillary clinton. >> he needs to make up ground with women and latinos. if you nominate someone, it will be to his advantage.>> florida is an important state.>> rubio and k sick have given it -- and john kasich have said they do not want the vice president nomination. everybody changes their mind, so wait and see. it's going to get more interesting from here on out. the u.s. justice department is putting north carolina on notice for his anti-lgbt lot. requires transgender -- law. it requires transgender people to use the restroom that corresponds to the gender on
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their birth certificate. they could lose hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funding. the governor from north carolina has still not responded. it is described as the biggest car related recall in u.s. history. now nearly every major brand is involved. why you should be prepared for a recall notice. big-name politicians, doctors and eanet -- uneven lot enforcement supporting the legalization of marijuana. >> officer down. an officer trapped in his squad car that caught fire. how a quick thinking bystander may have saved his life. strong thunderstorms in northern california. i will let you know if they make it our way thursday and friday.
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in alameda police officer is expected to be okay after his car was broadsided and caught fire late last night.>> officer down. i am trapped in the car. it is on fire.>> reporter: from police dispatch, you can hear the call from officer down. he was making a turn when his cruiser was hit i've speeding toyota avalon. the driver of the avalon jumped out and ran leaving a female passenger behind. officer wise was briefly trapped in his car which hit a utility pole. by standards help the officer get to safety. >> i'm out of the car. everybody take your time, i'm okay, get here safely.>> reporter: the 19-year-old man driving the car has been
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identified as emmett del rosario. he was arrested for hit-and- run. changes in the forecast, let's go to bill martin in the weather center. are we getting rain right now? >> yes, in parts of california. it is farther north. as we head into tonight, tomorrow and friday, the system moved south. let's look at the satellite imagery and you will see the areas i'm talking about. these are big storms right there. the rotation right now is something like this. you have this direction. look at the quincy area. you are in a forested area. these are not try thunderstorms and that is good. now. they are being hammered right now.
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you have strong thunderstorms. strong thunderstorms as well around squaw valley and alpine meadows and squaw valley. -- squaw valley and alpine meadows. most of the activity will end up being in the hills tomorrow, as we just showed you. because the advantage that the hills give to the thunderstorm. it is cooler than yesterday. 9 degrees cooler in concord than yesterday. the forecast for tomorrow is about the same and maybe a little cooler. overnight lows in the 50s and mostly cloudy. there may be a spray street -- a stray sprinkle tonight. mostly cloudy for your san jose thursday morning. we will keep watch for sprinkles as we go to lunch time. there is a little something over here by mission peak and a little something over here.
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that is lunchtime. 65 degrees and a chance for a shower and into the afternoon. what is going on, that is tomorrow. and friday is the best bet for my -- more wide coverage of aerial distribution. mark alluded to this area earlier today on the newscast at 4:00. all bets are off. there is instability in the area. timing these out is almost impossible. just so you know that the what -- the best opportunity for widespread showers will be friday afternoon. this is friday afternoon. look for a stray shower. 70 and livermore and 70 in pleasanton. in the five day forecast, we leave them in for thursday, friday and saturday. i'm going to try to pull out on saturday and i think it will be a nice day. but if that low is so persistent. it is going to take a while to get out of here. i think friday is the best bet
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for precipitation on the plants and maybe some commute issues. just unsettled weather and strong thunderstorms right now that are north and east of our area. >> did you say the thunderstorms will move to our area? >> they could. that activity could shift. we will certainly get a shift, but the higher terrain is more susceptible. >> reporter: is there much concern about these thunderstorms and the possibility of fires? >> they are pretty wet, frank . it is something you think about, but the moisture is high and they are relatively wet storms. right now there isn't any concern. i will let you know. we could get three days of rain?>> it would be like this, julie. oh, it rained a little. it is that kind of thing. friday is the day when it may rain a little more.>> all right, we will check in with you in a little bit.
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it is now the largest vehicle related vehicle recall in history. -- in u.s. history. tens of millions will get recall notices and those will impact nearly every major car brand. president obama this is the -- visits flint, michigan and what he is saying about the safety of the city's water.
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another devastating set back today for takata, the world's largest airbag maker. and now has the largest auto
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recall in u.s. history. the number and the implications. >> reporter: takata has recall 29 million dangerously affected airbags. today it got worse. takata added as many as 40 million more airbags to the recall sending the total amount to almost $70 million -- twos almost 70,000,000. and now impacts one in four cars in the nation. so far less than 9 million have been repaired and will take several more years to get them all. the dangerously defective airbags are responsible for 11 deaths and 100 injuries. they can erupt with fiery shrapnel hitting drivers and passengers. for takata, the debt -- the defect situation was devastating
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and at more than double today. the way for repairs will be longer and the liability to consumers for both takata and carmakers will be greater. in the plainest terms, it raises the question if takata can survive the enormous expense ahead and the high cost of low -- of lost credibility for future contracts to build more airbags going forward. quite a big problem for takata . ktvu fox 2 news what about fixing the problem? >> before today, the fines were $70 million and $200 million in repairs. that is over a quarter of the -- of $1 billion. that is to say nothing of the lawsuits that could come from this from the people killed or injured and potentially some of the problems that will be between the car manufacturers and their suppliers. there were pronouncements by the federal government that takata took a casual attitude toward safety and that is something the manufacturers don't like because they are suit all the time for all kinds of things. this may cook it for some
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manufacturers. it is a major mess, but chances are that one in four of our viewers will be getting a recall notice from their carmakers say that your airbags are potentially explosively dangerous. >> tom, thank you. the push to legalize marijuana hit a milestone in california. a bill that could be in the bat -- on the ballot in just six months. changing the bay area's status quo for flying. see the new plane that nearly anybody can fly. hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back.
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something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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at developing story tonight. the u.s. attorney's office and the dea joining forces in the death of takata six who died two weeks ago. >> in the days before his death, and addiction specialist in mill valley was called for help. prince's death is turning to a criminal probe .>> dr. howard kornfeld felt his mission was a lifesaving mission . >> reporter: representing dr. howard kornfeld and his sun, andrew. he runs and addiction program in california known as recovery without walls. he was contacted by representatives of prince for an intervention the day before
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he was found dead. the goal was to convince the superstar to come to the recovery center for emergency treatment.>> andrew heard screams and went to the elevator where he saw that prince was unconscious. >> reporter: it was andrew that called 911 . andrew is not a doctor and a spokesman for the recovery program. he was carrying an opioid-based painkiller. he was going to give the drugs to a local doctor to administer to prince. he is worried that his client could become the focus of a local probe. >> the good samaritan 9-1-1 law provides immunity for people who make a 9-1-1 emergency call . they are to receive immunity for any medications or controlled substances found at
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the scene. >> reporter: the drug enforcement agency confirmed on wednesday that they are involved in prince's death. the prescription drug, diversion. they do not want to allow the prescription drug allegations to clout the memory of prints -- prince. >> prince would want us to be happy and to celebrate him and enjoy him. he will live on. the national media has descended on mill valley where the doctor is based. ktvu was in mill valley where people were stunned to hear the news. >> reporter: nuts -- not much happens in the sleepy town of
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mill valley. today the coffee shop was abuzz. >> i've been here since the 60s and i have never seen this many media trucks here. >> reporter: the chatter about the man whose practice, recovery without walls, is just around the country. dr. howard kornfeld is a well- known opioid addiction specialist who was to treat prince just before his death . he sent his sun to paisley park to meet with prince i've known him for a decade and i appreciate his thoughtful , a student work in academic research and addiction to chronic pain. >> reporter: his attorney in minneapolis did confirm that andrew kornfeld brought pain pills to prince's home it was going to have a local doctor administer them. unfortunately, it was too late . >> no drugs were administered. >> reporter: could he be charged for taking drugs across state line. the plan was to stabilize prince and bring him to mill valley for treatment . people hope it shines the light on the
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abuse of prescription painkillers.>> it shines a light on the issue. it is good to get this attention. >> reporter: in recent weeks, there were reports that prince had painkillers in his position. we will not know the results until the autopsy results are in. ktvu fox 2 news a push to legalize recreational marijuana in california. there are enough signatures gathered to qualify for statewide vote in november. supporters of the measure have collected 600,000 signatures which is way more than the 365,000 signatures they needed to make it onto the november ballot. it would make it legal for anyone 21 or over to possess, transfer -- transport and to use 1 ounce of marijuana.
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the state president of the naacp, law enforcement and a congressman for sent -- first southern california our supporters. the adult use of marijuana would generate billions of dollars for the state economy. >> personally, i'm walking down the street, i can't stand it. i don't want it at parks and playgrounds and i don't want my neighbor smoking it. i just like it. what i hate moore is incarcerating african-americans at a three-time more likely rate than a caucasian because we criminalize this. >> reporter: opponents are legalizing -- organizing. it is for legalizing marijuana which they call a dangerous drug. they defeated a similar measure in california and 2010. alaska, oregon, washington and colorado have already legalize recreational use of marijuana.
5:31 pm
supporters of legalizing marijuana have enough signatures to put the question on the november ballot. we have the reaction from growers and also managers of marijuana cooperatives. jesse, what are they saying?>> reporter: the reactions range from relief. -- relief to one of resignation. no matter what is put on the november ballot, this question will not be answered until uncle sam weighs in. until this -- >> until the federal law changes, no one is safe from the potential of prosecution. >> reporter: dave armstrong says that all of the talk about a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana makes him paranoid. that is not the product speaking, but scrutiny of the existing law. this former idaho bail bond spend came to california a decade ago. as a manager of the minimart
5:32 pm
collective, he says that no matter what is done, the federal government comes all. >> and tell it is removed from the act, i don't care what the state ore city tells me to do, i'm still looking at time in federal prison.>> it's inevitable that the federal government will d schedule.>> he runs the luxe collective -- lux collective and he is comfortable with the assurances given as long as they comply with state laws. in fact, the tail will wag the dog in this debate.>> the federal government will fall in line with the state's will sooner or later in the timeframe. it's too big and moving too fast to stop it. -- >> reporter: back on the other side, dave armstrong does not believe that the old promises
5:33 pm
will hold any weight when the new republican government comes in the place next january. it is one of the oldest cash crops ever. >> it has been driven by corporate profiteering. back door handshakes going on with lobbyists and lawmakers. the lawmakers themselves do not understand the facts behind us. is the craziest thing i've ever seen.>> reporter: crazier still, these rivals agree on the vulnerability facing folks in the industry. where one wants to work to change federal law, the other is work -- is comfortable working with the state and waiting for the feds to come on board. >> reporter: jesse gary and are south bay. tash south bay euro. -- in our south bay bureau. a new rule to make it safer for medical marijuana users. oakland would allow eight new
5:34 pm
dispensary permits per year. that could add to the city's coffers. the dispensaries already operating bring in about $4 million in taxes. nonstop flights daily between london and san jose. they hope to make it easier for workers in the tech industry to make trips to london. it is about eight hours on a boeing 787 dream liner. the first departure is the day: 05 tonight. the airport offers nonstop flights to tokyo, beijing and guadalajara. they will soon add vancouver, frankfurt and shanghai to the list. another local company doing what the bay area does best. change the status quo. this technology will take aim at the way we five. a look at sport aviation. the first customers will get their planes in the next few months. she acts like any other 20- month-old, but she is connected
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to a life-saving machine as she waits for a transplant. the machine that is keeping her alive and allowing her to live as normal of a life as possible.
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before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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it is happening right here in the bay area. staff members at the alamein he -- alameda county psychiatric hospital say the conditions are overcrowded. they compare the conditions to a thorough toward a third world
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country. >> they are so upset that they wanted to show how bad the situation is. can has a preview of what they found. >> reporter: we are talking about john george psychiatric hospital in san leandro. it is the main intake hospital for people suffering from psychiatric and drug issues. these hidden cameras show how bad it is inside of john george. there are not enough beds or chairs for people to rest on. dozens of people are eating and sleeping on the floor because they have nowhere to go. this is a pressure cooker for patients already on the edge. they often lash out at each other or staff members, sometimes with violence. workers say they fear retaliation for speaking out. we have hidden their identities to disguise them.
5:39 pm
the four people say they have all been victims of violent attacks. a couple of employees recently had rotator cuff surgery because they blew their shoulders out. one employee had a knee replacement. >> i've been kicked, punched, assaulted and i've had urine thrown on me.>> will the solution happen tomorrow? no. it will be an ongoing process. i am confident that we are taking the necessary steps to address it. >> reporter: the alameda county health officials acknowledge that there are times when there is overcrowding and that there has been violence. they say the violence has been decreasing and they say they are working on relieving the overcrowding. staff members say it is not the case. we will hear more about that tonight on the 10:00 news.>> are there laws being broken? what about occupancy restrictions? >> reporter: staff members say they were concerned about fire code. when you go to a theater or restaurant, there is an
5:40 pm
occupancy -- an occupancy rate with how many people can be there. that is not the case at john george . it does not apply because it is an emergency facility and i don't turn people away who need emergency help. so, we are told the fire code regulations do not apply at the psychiatric unit. they can crowd in as many people as they can fit and that is what staff members say is happening. they are overwhelmed. not only are there so many people, there are not enough staff to take care of them. they are sitting on the floor and waiting for help and there is no help for hours and hours. can, thank you. more than half $1 billion is the latest price tagged for repairs after a gas leak in los angeles. the estimate was released today. previously it was hoped that it would only cost $300 million. a separate well leaked natural
5:41 pm
gas into the air for months before was finally plugged. the 665 million-dollar estimate does not include potential costs from dozens of lawsuits and regulatory fines. the quick action of firefighters save the woman who they say was attempting to take her own life. the alameda fire department posted this dramatic scene as a played out yesterday on the powell street overpass in emeryville. you can see a woman sitting on the edge of the overpass. police and firefighters worked together to divert traffic and to talk to the woman from below the overpass while another crew walked up and removed her from the edge. still to come. an enlarged heart threatens her young life. an important piece of technology is keeping her alive as this 21-month-old girl waits for a heart transplant.>> it is called the icon a-5. it is made here in the bay area and it is
5:42 pm
posture to be everyman's plane. storms in northern california could be with us in the next 36 hours.
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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the san francisco police chief is reacting to news tonight that one of the frisco five was hospitalized today. there were people at city hall upset about shootings. they are demanding the mayor fire the police chief. just an hour ago, the police chief reacted to news that one
5:45 pm
of those men was admitted to the hospital. >> i don't want anybody during a first amendment demonstration to get sicker be harmed. we have been monitoring. i know that i spoke to the captain today. it is good that everybody is staying hydrated. one person is feeling better soon. we will certainly no and continue to look after. there was medical there. we want everybody to do their freedom of speech. >> reporter: this is day 14 at the hunger strike. the mayor and the chief have refused to give into the protester's demands. icon aviation may be into personal planes what tesla is to cars. a startup that is changing aviation status quo.>> what the new aircraft is all about.>>
5:46 pm
reporter: that is your's truly. without a pilot's license at the control of an icon a-5. people have already made deposits to own one. icon says the first people will start to get their planes in the matter of a few weeks. kirk hawkins flew competitors to the edge of their capabilities. he has come up with a concept that will allow people to fly low and slow and save the recreation every nation -- aviation business. >> it allows the user to be human and make a mistake. the aircraft is forgiving and much safer from applying standpoint. it is easy, safe, fun and versatile.>> reporter: the plane becomes equipped -- comes equipped with a hail mary rescue shoot. it accounts for the most common
5:47 pm
pilot error which is stalling out into a tailspin. >> it is the first conventional aircraft to meet the faa standard of spin resistance. >> reporter: the idea of this towable aircraft that runs on premium car gasoline came from entrepreneurs who see the value of manufacturing here in the bay area.>> the ecosystem for startups and the technology. >> reporter: when you consider the people who of already spent $100 million for an rv to roam the country or a quarter of $1 million for an exotic car, a quarter of $1 million is not really very expensive. >> the long-term goal is to bring that down. and, offer compelling products that are safe and successful. >> reporter: even at this price, there are a group of people that can share the price.
5:48 pm
prices limited to daytime flying at 100 100,000 feet -- at 10,000 feet. the sports license can be obtained which is 20 hours of flight time. ktvu fox 2 news thousands of people had to escape a wildfire in canada today. one woman said that she could feel the heat of the fire from inside her car. look at the pictures. the entire population of fort mc murray, 80,000 people, has been told to get out. everyone is forced to head north in bumper-to-bumper traffic. entire neighborhoods have been destroyed, leaving a lot of families devastated.>> it is a disaster. they didn't even let us take our things. we lost everything.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: fortunately, no serious injuries have been reported in this fire. it has burned more than 18,000 acres since sunday and a flared up again yesterday with a shift in the wind and unseasonably high temperatures. you can see the temperatures and the quote from that woman. all i can think of is the oakland hills fire and the people that lost everything. it was heartbreaking. >> there was a wall of fire there. all right, let's check the weather in the bay area. we are seeing some rain, let's go to bill martin in the weather center. there are scattered showing that scattered shower showing up. they could be in our area in the next 24-36 hours. there are strong thunderstorms north of lake county. you can see activity west of orland and chico. then up around susanville, there are some lightning strikes in the last hour or so.
5:50 pm
this is north of truckee where a cell moved through. so, this instability and unsettled weather will linger not just today, but into friday. and friday comes, that's the best bet for showers and thunderstorms around the lake tahoe area. we have 21 mile-per-hour wind out of fairfield and 16 at sfo. 15 at livermore. temperatures cooler today than yesterday. look at the cloud cover. the clouds tried to burn off and you end up with 60s. those are the green. upper 60s and mid 60s tomorrow along with a few low 70s. slightly cooler. here is the 7:00 a.m. forecast. the first thing you notice is the circulation around the low. as it sits here, it will create instability and penn will around the spokes -- pinwheel around the spokes. here is tomorrow morning and there is tomorrow afternoon. here we are friday morning.
5:51 pm
maybe a little something early on. look at friday afternoon when it is more aggressive. then it starts to clear out after that. still activity on saturday at lunchtime and then it moves on. so, and unsettled and confused weather pattern. our typical storms just come in with a cold front and make light through. this low is anchored offshore and it does not want to go anywhere for 48 hours. with that said, you have to have a shower or thundershower in the forecast, today, tomorrow and friday. this one wants to migrate toward the east on friday night . it will clear out for saturday. in the meantime, the bay area looks good and mother's day looks good with mid 70s. >> thank you bill. at 20 months old, she is
5:52 pm
tethered to a machine while waiting for a transplant. cutting-edge technology keeping this little girl alive. also ahead, the san francisco public works official getting rid of graffito -- graffiti. planning to tackle a problem plaguing several san francisco neighborhoods.. j?j?j7
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. a young girl is in dire need of a heart transplant.
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doctors at a bay area hospital are keeping her failing heart eating thanks to a cutting edge medical device. as rob roth found out, that unique devices helping to keep her alive while she waits for a suitable donor. >> reporter: a 20 month old girl who melts hearts while doctors work on fixing hers. until then, honey lives at stanford hospital. >> we're definitely trying to make the most of it and create a fulfilling childhood for her and feel as homey as we can. >> reporter: honey has an enlarged heart that is threatening her life. >> i can't believe this is happening to us. >> the heart just became progressively more week and so large that just the weight of the heart on her long collapsed
5:56 pm
her long. >> reporter: she needs a heart transplant and is waiting for a suitable donor. normally, someone in her condition would be sedated and placed in an intensive care unit but she is able to move around thanks to this device called a berlin heart. >> she has to being connected to her heart and a pump that hangs outside of her body, which connects to powerful oxygen tanks that draw blood into the pump and back into the body. >> reporter: the device hooks into a laptop to monitor her heart. this is the only hospital in the area with the berlin heart. honey has been waiting for a suitable match for six months now. doctors say that's pretty typical but until then, she can stay hooked up to the berlin heart and definitely. honey's mother says the waiting is the hardest part but when her little girl is older, she will tell her all about their days here. >> what i want her to get is a sense of gratitude from this. just for life and eventually
5:57 pm
the donor who has donated a heart so she is able to continue on and to live and have a normal life. >> palo alto-based tesla reported big losses in the first quarter but stocks still went up. tesla says it had a hard time getting parts for the model x suv but also said it hopes to deliver the new model x -- sorry, the new model 3 sooner than expected which was late next year. the model 3 is the lower cost car starting at about $35,000. in after-hours sharing, shares were up about 6%. governor jerry brown approved a landmark bill increasing age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21 statewide. the deadline to block the bill was midnight but the governor
5:58 pm
passed the measure moments ago. the log restrict tobacco use such as smoking, dipping, chewing and vaping for anyone under 21. president obama is poised to add a gay bar in new york city to the list of one human -- list of national monuments. stonewall has become known as the birthplace of the gay- rights moment -- movement after the writes that occurred there. the rights helped bring the fight for gay rights out into the open and new york held its first day -- gay pride parade the next day. we just got up every day and did the best we could. >> john kasich ends his campaign for president leaving only one republican left in the race. i am frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. donald trump is now the one and only candidate left standing. john kasich suspended his campaign less than 24 hours
5:59 pm
after ted cruz made the same announcement. >> reporter: within the last hour, donald trump commented on all this saying john kasich is doing quote the right thing. that makes 16 candidates now that have all dropped out and just a few hours ago, governor john kasich became the last one, leaving donald trump the last nominee standing. >> as i said -- as i suspend my campaign, thank you and god bless took >> reporter: and then there was one. donald trump is now the only nominee left standing, now called the presumptive nominee from the gop itself. it has already prompted former president bill clinton to slam trump's foreign-policy plan. even vice president joe biden joked about trump's candidacy. >> it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> reporter: senator ted cruz dropped out yesterday after losing not only in indiana. >> describes his battle with
6:00 pm
venereal disease. >> reporter: but after a series -- serious tantrum and elbowing his own wife, and failing to help carly fiorina when she fell off the stage, he decided to suspend his campaign. >> i think we're going to beat hillary clinton. she is horrible on the economy and jobs. >> reporter: but hillary clinton is already on the job firing back at trump. >> he wants to go back to the 1990s. if he wants to follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock me down and taken out of the political arena, i am more than happy to have him do that. >> reporter: talk of a tested -- contested convention has now turned to the democrats after bernie sanders managed another upset win against hillary clinton in indiana last night. >>


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